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Here’s How Hiring a Local Contractor Benefits Your Siding Project

Siding is the best layer of protection to keep your home safe from any potentially hazardous, external damage. As a homeowner, it is in your best interest to ensure this important element of your home’s foundational infrastructure is well-maintained so it remains in good condition to avoid costly, often preventive repairs.

Examine the condition of your siding to see if it looks like it has suffered damage or appears to be in less than great shape. If you find yourself seeking assistance from professionals for your siding project, it is in your best interest to work with a reliable local contractor. Read on to explore some of the reasons why doing so can benefit you.

Personal Service

Large national companies have a number of customer service representatives to serve a wide scope of customers across many locations. If you decide to work with them, you’ll likely have a hard time achieving communicative access to the same person twice.

A local siding company will provide a far more personal approach. You will have a small, exclusive team handling your siding project from the start all the way through post-installation cleanup, including any future repairs down the road.

Area Codes and Regulations

Local contractors know building codes and regulations in and around the serviced area. The local contractor will help you obtain necessary permits before starting work. This way, you can ensure the siding project meets area-specific standards to avoid costly building code violations.


Another advantage to working with a local company is the contractors are familiar with the climate conditions in your area. This helps provide you with better siding options most suitable for the specific climate in your region more effectively.

Emergency Service

After a severe storm or other natural calamity, your siding may have endured damage in need of being addressed immediately. Hiring a national company typically means going through a longer procedure before the contractors can actually reach your location to fix the issues. A local contractor, on the other hand, is only a phone call away, and they can respond faster to your siding emergency repairs.

Here at Horizon Roofing and Construction, we provide services beyond siding, too. When it comes to storm damage and other weather events, our team is able to respond quickly to emergency repairs. We fix damage with immediacy to minimize the need for bigger repair expenses.

Licensed and Insured

Local contractors are likely aware of the importance of having licenses and insurance for long-term business success. With our contractors licensed by the Construction Contractors Board of Michigan, you can rest, confident our services and work comply with local codes and requirements.

Now you know some of many benefits to working with a local contractor. If you are in the market for excellent siding service in Michigan, contact Horizon Roofing and Construction to get the job done. Our certified, experienced team is committed to delivering high-level service to ensure your safety and comfort of home.

Top Three Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency of Your Roof

Top Three Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency of Your Roof

If you are living in a region with extreme weather, you are most certainly aware of how the temperature both in summer and winter can cause the cost of energy to skyrocket. Making your home energy-efficient is important not only to reduce utility bills, but also because doing so helps the environment. You can keep your home comfortable all year round without any stress or hassle. The good news is there are many ways to do that.

Below we’ll explore three effective measures that can help you increase the energy efficiency of your roof significantly.

Add New Insulation

The best time to increase the efficiency of a roof is during a reroofing project. The cost of materials and labor for a brand new roof can be quite expensive, so homeowners typically postpone the work until it is necessary. If you are not ready to add new shingles or go for a complete roof renovation, you can still increase the energy efficiency of your roof by upgrading the existing attic insulation.

Adding adequate insulation to the roof will not only extend the life of your roof; it’s also one of the most effective ways to increase energy efficiency. New insulation optimizes the comfort of your home in both cold and warm seasons.

Upgrade Materials

The type of roofing material you choose can influence the amount of heat your home absorbs or releases. When replacing or installing a new roof, choose an energy-efficient roofing material, such as asphalt, tile or metal for a far better insulated roof.

Metal roofing is an effective option to improve energy efficiency. Metal roofs come with a coating that reflects sunlight to help reduce the amount of heat absorbed. They are also durable and require less maintenance. However, they may cost more than shingle roofs. You must talk to a roofing professional who can help you determine the best option that not only matches your budget but offers an energy-efficient, long-lasting roof.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation and steady airflow are vital to an energy-efficient roofing system. In the summer, the attic can tend to warm up more than usual. Without proper ventilation, the extra heat in the attic can warp the wood, reducing the life of the shingles. Additionally, you will exhaust the cooling system, which increases the cost of energy.

It is important to properly ventilate your roof for steady airflow to regulate the suitable temperature in the house. This will keep your home comfortable and reduce the need to use your cooling system while increasing the lifespan of your roof.

If you are in the market to increase the energy efficiency of your roof, Horizon Roofing and Construction is here to help. We provide a range of energy-saving roofing solutions. We can assess your roof, examine the condition, and recommend the best option to improve its functionality, durability, and energy efficiency. Contact us today for more information about how we can best serve you and improve the quality of your roof.

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Signs Your Home May Need New Insulation

There are different ways to add more comfort to your house. Insulation is among the best. Contrary to what most people think, the purpose of insulation is more than just keeping places warm during cold weather.

While your house is likely insulated already, it is possible that it doesn’t have enough support. Let’s look at five signs your home is under-insulated or requires renewal for proper insulation.

Proper insulation can increase the energy efficiency of any structure. A house without proper insulation, on the other hand, can result in a variety of issues that range from poor thermal performance to increased utility bills and more.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Proper insulation helps maintain correct and consistent temperatures throughout the house. If your home is poorly insulated, you will notice different temperatures in different rooms. For example, the kitchen may feel cold, while at the same time, the living room feels warm.

This is one result of poor insulation. Heat is retained in areas with stronger insulation. Heat easily escapes from under-insulated parts of the house, keeping those spaces and areas cold.

Cold Walls, Ceiling, Floor

The walls, interior ceiling, and floor of your home should feel dry and warm. When they feel damp or cold, this is a sign that there is not enough insulation. The exterior walls, on the other hand, should feel cold as insulation keeps the warm air inside your home.

Energy Bill Increase

If a structure is not properly insulated, it is likely that you may be using your cooling and heating systems more often. Use of cooling and heating appliances around the clock to keep a space comfortable translates to high energy bills. Why spend a fortune on energy bills every month just to have cooled or warmed air escape right through the attic, walls and windows?

Pests or Insects

Insects and rodents can become regular, unwelcome guests in any under-insulated spaces. Pests can easily enter the home through tiny holes or cracks in your doors and windows. Without proper insulation, these critters can also climb into your attic. Good insulation will not only prevent warm or cooled air from escaping, it will also help reduce pest infestations.

Frozen Pipes, Ice Dams

Insufficient insulation can cause various kinds of household issues, especially during the winter season. When the outdoor temperatures reach freezing levels and your home isn’t properly insulated, the pipes are at risk to burst. Ice dams can occur when the snow melts and seeps from the poorly insulated roof to the attic. As a result, this leads to moisture, which can then transform into mold and mildew.

If you notice any of these signs in your home, you may want to consider proper home insulation. If you live in Northville, MI, we suggest contacting the professionals at Horizon Roofing and Construction. We can help you improve the insulation by carefully assessing the situation and suggesting the best solution. We offer cost-effective solutions to help increase the comfort of living in a well-insulated space. Contact us today for more information about your insulation.

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Top 4 Tips For Hiring A Local Roofing Company

The roof is an integral part of a house. It is important to ensure the roof remains in good shape to protect inhabitants and the structural integrity all year round. Over time, external elements such as strong winds, severe storms, significant snow and other conditions greatly impact a roof. When in need of a new roof or repairs, consider contacting a trusted local roofing company such as Horizon Roofing.

Many times, homeowners may feel tempted to do the work themselves to save money, especially for minor repairs. Projects around roofing require a set of skills in order to accomplish the task successfully. Therefore, hiring a professional is the most advised decision.

Following are the top four advantages to hiring a local roofing company like Horizon.

1. They Know and Follow the City’s Building Code

When designing and constructing a building, there is a set of building codes that contractors are expected to follow. The set standards differ by location. For example, the roof must be covered with approved material as set forth in the Michigan Residential Code.

Hiring a local roofing company ensures the contractors are familiar with codes and regulations that may be unique to the area. They know and will abide by all regulations so that you don’t have any issues after the work is completed.

2. Easy to Reach

Due to close proximity, local roofing companies are easy to contact. This makes it convenient to access their services quickly. When there is an issue with your roof, hiring a local contractor will give a higher possibility to fix the issue on the same day if needed.

3. Professional Safety Training

Fixing a roof issue, especially at the top, is a dangerous task. Without proper training and skill, you may be at risk of getting hurt if you try to fix it yourself. Local roofing contractors not only have the knowledge and proper safety training, they are also equipped with the proper set of tools required to complete the job safely.

Additionally, you can rely on your local roofing company to address any future issues your roof may experience down the road, as well.

4. Cost-Effective Service

Many people may tend to think fixing their roof independently the DIY way can help minimize their expenditure. However, in terms of quality roofing, homeowners with little to no experience may end up causing more harm than good to both themselves and their roof.

Hiring a local roofing company like Horizon can actually be cost-effective. Because of the company’s professional connection with suppliers, you may get materials at lower prices. Furthermore, they will come with all the tools required for the job. If you were to do the work yourself, you would have to spend money on buying raw materials, as well as the tools. As a result, your expenses would increase beyond the cost of hiring professionals.

Consider the advantages of hiring the trusted local roofing company. Contact Horizon Roofing and Construction today to find out how we can best serve you and your roofing needs. We are committed to providing clients with quality service, be it for commercial or residential, always.