Your Horizon Roofing and Construction team

We are experienced, local professionals serving Washtenaw, Livingston, and Western Wayne Counties. We know Michigan winters and we know roofs (and gutters, and siding, and more)!

We provide whole-project, onsite supervision, not just drop-by checkups. You’ll get to know us as we take care of your home. We check in with your neighbors to inform them that we will be working on your home or business, and when we’ve completed the job, we leave the surroundings as clean or cleaner than when we found it.

We use quality, guaranteed, American-made materials. We confidently stand by our products so you can confidently live under them!


Your roof acts like an umbrella, protecting your family and belongings from the harsh weather Michigan can produce. So whether you’re replacing your roof out of necessity or just looking to change the home’s appearance, Horizon will inspect your roof and help you choose the right products that will produce the look and quality you desire but the price you deserve.


If your roof is the umbrella that protects your home, siding is the rain coat and boots. It not only protects your home from the elements but adds to the aesthetic and resale value. We offer a variety of colors and styles to make your home your palace.


Want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, value and overall appearance, then new windows are the answer. We offer a full line of replacement windows and doors. From standard double hung sliders to custom Bay or Bowes, our expert installers will not disappoint.


An attic with insufficient insulation not only costs you money in higher energy bills but reduces you roof’s life expectancy. Most shingle manufacturers will not warranty their shingles if your attic does not have the required R-Value. We will inspect your attic for not only insulation, but also look for proper ventilation, which adversely affects the performance of your insulation.


The Southeast Region of Michigan receives an average of 30+ inches of rain per year, so gutters are not just a cosmetic feature. Gutters move water away from your home, protecting it against future erosion.