With the rising cost of energy and the severity of weather we endure in Michigan, replacing your old windows is the simplest answer to address your energy consumption. Securing your home and family from the elements. We can replace the old drafty picture window or update your whole house. We offer a full range of styles, colors (interior & exterior) and accessories to customize your windows to your specifications.



The Beautiful Kingston Line of Windows

The Kensington HPP Kingston is the affordable choice option for enhancing the appearance and energy efficiency in your home. It is designed using premium vinyl lineals, which require virtually no maintenance, painting or staining, ever. If the vinyl gets dirty, simply clean with a quick wash of soap and water. The combination of foam-filled frames, fusion-welded sashes, and other technologies contributes to the thermal performance and strength of the window. Improve the comfort and efficiency in your home while adding to your home’s curb appeal.

Available in a variety of styles, the Kensington HPP Kingston Series can enhance the beauty of your home and is virtually maintenance free.


The Elegant Huntington Window

The Huntington vinyl window series, will improve the energy efficiency of your home while adding beauty with its classic architectural appeal. These beautiful windows not only give you the indoor comfort you desire but can help reduce your heating and cooling use.

At the heart of a Kensington HPP window is a cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology that features an advanced insulating glass package optimized to enhance the overall performance of your window. In combination with thermally-insulated frames, KensingtonGlass creates some of the most energy- efficient replacement windows in the industry – the right windows for your home and your budget!


Sliding Patio Doors From Kensington High Performance Products

Make Outdoor Living a Pleasure
Sliding door photoDuring the warm months of the year, families spend much of their free time outdoors, on their home’s deck, patio, or lawn. That outdoor environment becomes an important living space and adds square footage, and value to your property.

Much of your family’s cooking moves from the hot kitchen to the bbq grill, keeping the oven off inside the house in the summer months. Taking advantage of your home’s outdoor space increases your home’s property value and your standard of living. Investing in beautiful, high efficiency patio doors, that easily open and close with one finger will make accessing your patio or deck a pleasure.

Sliding Patio Door
The Kensington Sliding Patio Door is an attractive way to extend your room’s ambiance and bring the outside view into the home. Each door is custom made with the finest quality and craftsmanship for maintenance free enjoyment.

Available in interior colors of white, tan or wood laminates and exterior solid colors of white, tan, six standard exterior colors or the option of your own custom colors, the Kensington Sliding Patio Door is offered in a 2-, 3-, or 4-lite configuration. Every model is engineered with twin-tandem, bottom-mounted rollers on a state-of-the-art monorail system allowing for a smooth opening and tight closure.

Two unique features – made standard on every door – are the heavy-duty aluminum screen frame with fiberglass screen cloth and tempered glass. We believe that safety, as well as energy efficiency, should not be compromised.

Nothing is more enjoyable than a sliding patio door leading to the outdoors. In recent years, the patio door has evolved from a functional access way to the outside and has transformed into a focal point of the home. As a result, a larger selection of styles, colors, accessories, and energy-efficient glass options have become extremely important. Kensington’s Sliding Patio Doors allow the designer in you to come alive with a variety of options – from high performance glass systems to grille styles and woodgrain interior laminates.

In addition to the base colors of white and tan – which blend easily with any decor – our “ColorScape” option has six standard exterior colors available that allows you to customize the exterior of the door. We also offer custom colors. Our exterior ColorScape choices will truly enhance the “curb appeal” of your home.

The Kensington Sliding Patio Door is designed for optimal performance as well as lasting, weather-resistant beauty. All doors are engineered with a continuous interlock and multi-point locking mechanism for enhanced security. The elegant hardware styles are avilable in finishes that will enhance any style decor.


  • Fusion-welded sash panels
  • Elegantly sculpted frame and sash
  • Optional matching transoms and sidelites available
  • Gliding monorail screen track for easy operation
  • Sash is structurally reinforced with aluminum bars for maximum strength
  • Rugged extruded alulminum sill designed to resist heavy traffic
  • Heavy duty rollers for smooth operation
  • Available in 2-, 3-, and 4-lite configurations
  • Meets or exceeds the standards of the American Architectural and Manufacturers Association (AAMA)
  • Multi-point locking handle set

From the outside, a key lock is provided on the locking handle for maximum security.


Heat Mirror® Film Technology Offered Exclusively in Vinyl Windows in the USA by Kensington High Performance Products

Windows that insulate like walls!

“Windows have been traditionally overlooked in the energy efficiency discussion, when in fact, they are low-hanging fruit that can make a real impact today,” stated Dennis Capovilla, Southwall’s president and CEO. “Increasing customer demand to save energy and reduce carbon emissions is driving the need for a new generation of windows that are proven, available, and insulate like walls. That’s what Heat Mirror technology enables – walls that you can see through.”

Heat Mirror® is an extremely high performing, energy efficient glass system which dramatically improves thermal insulation and indoor comfort compared to standard insulating glass (IG) units. The technology suspends up to three films in the airspace of a single insulating glass unit to create multiple airtight chambers that deliver best-in-class insulation performance for windows. Standard insulating glass with low-e coatings delivers a thermal insulating performance of R-3 while Heat Mirror® insulating glass can achieve an R-values up to 10!

About Heat Mirror® Suspended Film Technology
Heat Mirror insulating glass is a superior multi-cavity solution that suspends low-emissivity and solar-reflective Heat Mirror film inside of an insulating glass unit to create two, insulating cavities without adding weight. These cavities are filled with Krypton gas to increase the insulating value.

Heat Mirror® glass system

This innovative approach enables Kensington HPP to offer higher performance glass options for their existing window systems today as well as for next-generation window systems in development. Heat Mirror suspended film technology combines the best of film-based and glass-based technologies to create the industry’s first “super glass” with center-of-glass insulating performance ranging from R-7 to R-10 while minimizing solar heat gain and blocking UV radiation.

Key Heat Mirror® attributes

  • Heat Mirror® IG provides center-of-glass insulation performance ranging from R-7 to R-10
  • Offers superior winter heating and summer cooling due to its multicavity design
  • Blocks 99.5% of harmful UV rays
  • Reduces condensation buildup on glass during winter
  • Weighs about 33% less than triple-pane glass

Recognized by:

  • Recognized by Popular Science as one of the “100 Best Inventions of the Millennium”
  • Certified by Passive House Institute US