The key to hiring the best roofer to work on your home is asking the right questions of prospective contractors. The answers to these questions can help you eliminate some roofing companies and make an informed selection among the others. Knowing the right questions to ask can help you to determine whether the roofing contractor you’re considering will deliver a durable roof that withstands the elements, or causes you headaches, problems and additional repairs. Never be afraid to ask questions of the roofer you’re thinking about hiring, it’s an essential step towards getting what you need.

Use these questions as a guide the next time you need to hire a roofer for your home. Ask every roofing contractor you consider, the reputable ones will be glad to answer.

1. What’s the complete name and physical address of your roofing company? 

Be certain you know the company’s legal name and physical address. If a roofing business is only willing to share a post office box with you, reconsider.

2. Does your roofing company have the proper licensing to perform roof repair and replacement? 

In addition to having a business license, roofers should be licensed as building contractors. Call your local licensing office to confirm the license of the roofer you’re considering is current and violation-free.

3. Does the insurance coverage your roofing contractors carry cover worker’s compensation and liability? 

Ensure your roofer is carrying insurance coverage that properly covers all persons and  property involved in repairing or replacing the roof on your home.

4. Do you use subcontractors to perform the roofing work? 

Confirm any subcontractors are also adequately licensed and insured. Request the name and physical address of the roofing company and search for any reviews or issues.

5. Who’ll be on the job site while the work is being done? 

Get a full understanding of not only the laborers required to install your roof, but also who will oversee and assist them. A roofing company could send the owner, a manager, or a project manager to supervise your roof repair or replacement. A company claiming their workers don’t need supervision, may not need your business.

6. Who is the main point of contact for my roofing project? 

Know who you can call directly if you have any questions or concerns about your roof.

7. How will you protect my yard and pets during the roof installation? 

Inquire about how the roofing contractor plans to protect your property and clean up dangerous debris that might fall from the roof.

8. How does your roofing company dispose of my project’s refuse materials?

Cleaning up after a roof repair or replacement shouldn’t fall to you. Ask how your roofer plans on handling their mess.

9. How will you ensure my roof repair or replacement is completed within the stated timeline? 

Ask about what contingencies the roofing business has in case of obstacles. Also, find out if their contract has a “no later than” clause.

10. Does your roofing company offer warranties? 

Find out about warranties for your roof on both the materials and labor.

11. What experience do you have working on a home like mine? 

Every house is unique. Ask for before and after pictures of roof work similar to yours.

12. How long does the roof you recommend for my home last? 

You should have an idea of what the expected lifespan of your new roof will be.

13. Do you work with my insurance company or help with insurance claims? 

This can be especially important if your roof replacement or repair results from storms or weather damage.


A new roof is one of the more important investments you can make for your home. Ensuring your new roof is done right the first time saves time, frustration, and money. For over 25 years, Horizon Roofing and Construction has been making the process of roof replacement painless. Contact Northville’s number one roofing company for a free roof evaluation and start asking these questions today!

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