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Consider This Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

The roof plays a highly significant role in protecting everything it covers. Over time, when your roof gets worn down, it can lead to severe issues, such as water seeping through, mold growth, and further damage. These problems not only affect the structural integrity of the house, they can also harm the health of anyone spending time inside it.

A new roof is not a small investment, and it is crucial to find the best roofing contractors to provide you with optimal results and assure the lifespan of your new roof is long. Following is a list of the best things to keep in mind before hiring a roofing contractor.

Identify Your Roofing Needs

Before hiring a roofing contractor, it is important to get a clear idea of the things you want contractors to work on and the results you expect. This may include minor repairs, renovation of the entire roof, or building a new roof from scratch. Once you know your requirements, it becomes easier to research and hire the right people for the work.

Set Your Budget

Once you are aware of what you want for your roof, you can research the different market prices for roofing services and set a budget for your roof requirements. This will include considering the cost of roofing materials, services, and expenses for other miscellaneous things that might occur. By setting your budget, you will be prepared to negotiate a good deal with the contractors for their services.

Focus On Quality

Of course, the first thing most homeowners think about when hiring roofing contractors is affordability. Choosing contractors who offer services that match the professionalism of high-end ones seems like a cost-efficient option. Nevertheless, it is usually a better option to work with a reputable company despite the higher cost.

Professional contractors come with confidence of knowing that you are working with a team that knows what they are doing. They are well-trained on proper installation methods and safety protocols.

Check Reviews

Ideally, you want to hire a roofing contractor in Michigan who is proven to provide top-quality services. When you get in touch with potential contractors, keep in mind to ask questions to gauge their knowledge and expertise. You can also find several reviews online from recent clients and other important comments on communication, professionalism and workmanship.

Getting a new roof replacement is one of the best upgrades to renew the value of your home. So, it is important that you have the right roofing contractors on your side, especially if you want your roof to last longer and stay in good shape. Hopefully, the above list helps you in choosing the right roofing contractors for your home.

If you haven’t yet chosen your preferred roofing contractors in Michigan, Horizon Roofing and Construction has worked with multiple homeowners, and our professional contractors are experienced in handling various types of roofing installation and repair. Visit our website to learn more about our services.

Window Screen Restoration

Window Screen Restoration Tips For Homeowners

Window screens contribute to the lighting and beauty of your home while maintaining its energy efficiency. Since window screens work to prevent outside debris and critters from entering the home, it is no surprise that you may find your window screens showing signs of wear and tear over time.

Unless you are an expert in window screens, it might not always be easy to tell whether your window screens have to be repaired or replaced. It can be hard to know what kind of maintenance your window screens require and what steps should be taken during restoration.

Following are some helpful tips for homeowners to keep in mind during window screen restoration.

Energy Efficiency

Today you can find new types of window screens that are more energy-efficient than traditional ones. Choosing energy-efficient window screens can save money on your electricity bills. Compare the window efficiency by looking at the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and Whole-Unit V-value.

SHGC is the fraction of solar radiation that passes through a window. The lower the fraction, the lesser the solar heat is transmitted. V-value is the value of how much heat energy is lost or gained. The lower the V-value, the more energy-efficient your window screen will be.

This consideration is important because the lower heat energy is trapped or transmitted through your window screens, the less energy you will have to use for running your air conditioner or heating system.

Aesthetic Appearance

Window screens are prominent features of your home. Select window screens that complement and boost the overall look of your preferred aesthetic and curb appeal.

Installing the wrong style of window screens can spoil the look of your home and even lower its value.

Maintenance After Restoration

Once the window screens are restored, they should be able to withstand outer elements and should be easy to clean and maintain. Take time to ask the professional about the different material choices available, their pros and cons, and the type of maintenance they require. Proper maintenance of your window screens will enhance the security and look of your home, and even protect it from moisture intrusion and help save on energy bills.

Work With Licensed Contractors

If you are considering restoring your window screens to make your home more energy-efficient, or you want to boost the look of your home, make sure you work with licensed professionals.

Hiring a licensed professional is crucial to ensure the restoration is done properly as per your needs and requirements. A contractor who is not licensed or experienced may leave your window screens vulnerable to more damage. Moreover, improper window screen installation can reduce the value of your home, and you may not know until you find yourself having a hard time trying to sell it later on down the road.

If you are experiencing issues with your window screens, contact Horizon Roofing and Construction for replacement. We can help you choose the best styles and most energy-efficient window screens for your home. Reach out to us for more window screen restoration tips and services today.

How To Know When: Roof Repair Or Replacement

Over time, your roof can get weathered, and you may have to replace or repair it. Maybe you have experienced some heavy rain or hail. Or perhaps your roof has held up for many years, and you feel it’s time to assess the condition. Here’s how to recognize signs of damages to determine whether your roof needs repair or replacement.

Warning Signs

Roof damage can be subtle or obvious. Here’s how to recognize roof damage, which can occur anywhere on the roof. When inspecting, make sure you check both the exterior and interior of your home.

Here are few things you can watch for:

  • Cracked or cupping shingles
  • Curled edges of shingles
  • Discoloration or water spots
  • Moss growth
  • Granules clogging the gutters

These are the warning signs that require immediate action. It’s important to note how proper maintenance and regular repair of your roof are essential to extend the lifespan.

Roof Repair

Roof repair can be a better option when it extends the life of the roof without having to replace it. First, consider the age of your roof. If your roof is less than 15 years old, and the roof is under a warranty of 30 years, then you may resolve the problem with repairs. The next thing to consider is the level of damage. Knowing how and when the roof is damaged can make it easier to understand whether your roof just needs repair.

Finally, consider the extent of the damage. If the damage is only limited to the surface, such as a missing shingle, you would be able to repair it without much issue.

Roof Replacement

There may come a time when you have to replace your roof. When it is old, the repairs will be less efficient. If your roof is nearing the end of its time, then replacement is a smart choice.

When the damage to the roof is starting to affect the structural integrity of your home’s interior and exterior, you should consider replacing the roof. Finally, if your roof is sagging, leaking or showing signs of heavy wear, it’s time to replace your roof.

While you may simply replace the damage, the time and money you spend will only increase in the long run. Your top priority should be to have a strong and sturdy roof over your head to protect your home from the elements.

Experts Can Help

Whether your roof needs repair or replacement, it is important that you take immediate action to resolve the issue. The longer you leave your damaged roof unattended, the more exposed your home is to serious external and internal damage.

When it’s time to repair or replace the roof, work with professionals who understand the damage and how to handle the issue with proper resolve.

At Horizon Roofing and Construction, we can offer trusted experience in roof repair and replacement. We can help with your roofing needs by evaluating your roof to help you determine the best restoration option for you. Contact us today to chat about what’s next for your roof repair or replacement