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Here’s How Hiring a Local Contractor Benefits Your Siding Project

Siding is the best layer of protection to keep your home safe from any potentially hazardous, external damage. As a homeowner, it is in your best interest to ensure this important element of your home’s foundational infrastructure is well-maintained so it remains in good condition to avoid costly, often preventive repairs.

Examine the condition of your siding to see if it looks like it has suffered damage or appears to be in less than great shape. If you find yourself seeking assistance from professionals for your siding project, it is in your best interest to work with a reliable local contractor. Read on to explore some of the reasons why doing so can benefit you.

Personal Service

Large national companies have a number of customer service representatives to serve a wide scope of customers across many locations. If you decide to work with them, you’ll likely have a hard time achieving communicative access to the same person twice.

A local siding company will provide a far more personal approach. You will have a small, exclusive team handling your siding project from the start all the way through post-installation cleanup, including any future repairs down the road.

Area Codes and Regulations

Local contractors know building codes and regulations in and around the serviced area. The local contractor will help you obtain necessary permits before starting work. This way, you can ensure the siding project meets area-specific standards to avoid costly building code violations.


Another advantage to working with a local company is the contractors are familiar with the climate conditions in your area. This helps provide you with better siding options most suitable for the specific climate in your region more effectively.

Emergency Service

After a severe storm or other natural calamity, your siding may have endured damage in need of being addressed immediately. Hiring a national company typically means going through a longer procedure before the contractors can actually reach your location to fix the issues. A local contractor, on the other hand, is only a phone call away, and they can respond faster to your siding emergency repairs.

Here at Horizon Roofing and Construction, we provide services beyond siding, too. When it comes to storm damage and other weather events, our team is able to respond quickly to emergency repairs. We fix damage with immediacy to minimize the need for bigger repair expenses.

Licensed and Insured

Local contractors are likely aware of the importance of having licenses and insurance for long-term business success. With our contractors licensed by the Construction Contractors Board of Michigan, you can rest, confident our services and work comply with local codes and requirements.

Now you know some of many benefits to working with a local contractor. If you are in the market for excellent siding service in Michigan, contact Horizon Roofing and Construction to get the job done. Our certified, experienced team is committed to delivering high-level service to ensure your safety and comfort of home.

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Top Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding For Your Home

Vinyl siding companies can help transform average looking homes into something beautiful. Vinyl siding is one of the most popular, convenient, and affordable options for protecting or renovating the exterior of your home.

Initially, vinyl siding was designed to work as a re-cover siding, mainly installed on top of the watertight siding material. With the advancement in manufacturing technology, today the purpose of vinyl siding has become diverse in nature as it is now known for protecting the home in harsh weather in addition to decorative purposes.

There are many reasons why vinyl siding makes an excellent choice for home upgrades. Here are the top 6 reasons. 

1. More Affordable Than Other Siding

Cost is one of the primary reasons why most people tend to choose vinyl siding for their homes. The price of an average piece of vinyl siding is lower than aluminium, wood, brick, or stone. The cost of vinyl siding installation is also significantly lower than most other types of exterior cladding. You can have your home fully renovated without breaking the bank.

2. Requires Low Maintenance

Most types of siding materials require a lot of maintenance. For instance, aluminium siding requires constant re-painting. Cedar siding needs to be stripped and repainted regularly to preserve the wood quality and appearance. Vinyl siding, on the other hand, is essentially low-maintenance. Provided you keep your vinyl siding clean, it can last for a very long time, even without any special care.

3. Versatility and Supreme Aesthetic Quality

With a wide range of vinyl siding colors, textures, profiles, architectural trim, and other parameters to choose from, vinyl siding gives you the opportunity to turn your dream home into a reality. One of the best things about vinyl siding for home renovations is that it can work with any type of structural design and different types of materials. This allows homeowners to create the desired curb appeal they want without compromise.

4. Green Option

If you are concerned about the environment, vinyl siding is a great option for you. While vinyl may not rot or get decomposed, it can be recycled and reused. So, the leftover pieces of the siding can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

In addition to this, vinyl siding also offers better insulation benefits and helps minimize energy transfer. This means, not only will you have a beautiful home and save energy, hence taking mindful steps to benefit the environment.

5. UV Resistant Option

There are varieties of vinyl siding that provide UV resistant benefits, as well. This is especially necessary if you are living in regions with a high level of heat or humidity. Compared to alternatives, vinyl is more resistant to the effects of sunlight and sun damage.

6.  Easy Installation and Repair

Vinyl is one of the simplest types of siding to install. The planks are lightweight and easy to cut. So, it can be quickly measured, cut, and installed with minimal hassle.

Siding made from beautiful and durable vinyl can boost the appearance and value of your home. To guarantee amazing results, make sure to work with professionals. If you live in Michigan, we can help you out. Horizon Roofing and Construction is one of the top vinyl siding companies In Michigan. When you work with us, you won’t regret your home improvement project. We can assure to offer the best craftsmanship and help you make your dream home a reality. So, when you are ready to renovate your home’s exterior, feel free to contact us for professional help at Horizon Roofing and Construction.

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Key Benefits of Replacing Your Home Windows

There are plenty of advantages to replacing windows in your home, office, or workplace where you stay for long periods of time. Several benefits might surprise you that you will appreciate upon the consideration of window replacement.

1. Secured Protection from Severe Conditions

It is no secret that broken or defective windows present various issues within the construct of a home. One of the essential roles of a window is to protect us from extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.
At Horizon Roofing and Construction, we have multiple types of windows that offer different functions simultaneously with both thermal and acoustic insulation.

With a multifunctional window, you can protect the space within your home. In addition, with modified thickness of window pane glass, the entry of sound waves will decrease in excellent proportion, helping to maintain the quality of quiet, tranquil peace of home.

2. Maintain Climate and Protect from Allergens

More than 20 percent of the heat produced by heating is lost as it escapes through windows if damaged or poorly secured. This is an important reason to consider restoring your windows, especially when the seasonal changes are near. New and completely operational windows also prevent the entrance of particles such as sand, dust, and many other allergens, triggering responses of asthma and allergies.

3. Increase Value of Housing

When you invest in good windows, the value of your home automatically increases. In fact, according to the Cost vs Value of Remodeling Report, new windows can return more than 70% of the cost of the project at the time of resale.

Replacing your windows is among the best options to revalue your property.

4. Power Optimization

With the rising cost of energy and the severity of the weather in Michigan, replacing old and tired windows is the most straightforward solution to your energy consumption.

As mentioned above, new windows maintain the desired temperatures, whether cold in summer or warm in winter, avoiding the random use of energy in air-conditioning and heating.

Likewise, by allowing natural light to enter, new windows reduce light energy consumption during the day and decrease the cost of public services. All with a single change of window. Incredible, isn’t it?

New Windows, New View

Installing functional windows in your home provides an internal escape outdoors whenever you desire the glimpse without wanting to exit your home.

The benefits of changing windows go beyond a simple construction change. When people feel isolated from staying indoors long-term, there is no better way to enjoy the view than through brand new, crystal clear and functional windows.

In addition, the replacement of windows allows you to play with creativity to modernize your home with an avant-garde touch from an aesthetic point of view if you so desire.

At Horizon Roofing and Construction, we offer a variety of styles and materials for your windows. Let the specialists take care of your home – simply call us today to learn more about how we can best serve you.

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Siding Replacement Guide For Home Improvement

Siding replacement is a promising project when it comes to home improvement. Making sure this is done the right way will improve the aesthetics of a home. Many people, however, do not have the tools or expertise to do it themselves, and therefore, they will need to hire a setting contractor to complete this work. Let’s go over some qualifications you should look for when choosing a siding company that specializes in this field.

Materials Used

Some of the major siding manufacturers are Alcoa, Alside, Crane, CertainTeed, Napco, Norandex, Nailite, Wolverine, Royal, and Vytec. The siding company you choose should be an authorized dealer or installer of the product they are representing. They should also make sure their employees are fully trained in working with that product. While it is true that all siding is somewhat similar, there are minor differences in how all of the manufacturers make it, and they each make their specific brand geared to a slightly different application process.


Gather a couple of references by way of reviews online from recent past customers. If you can, try to talk to them and ask if they would do business with this particular siding contractor again.
Another suggestion is to inspect some job sites they are currently working on. Observe the process. What does the job site look like? Are they on time in the morning? Are they organized? What is the demeanor of the employees? These are the people who will ultimately be working for you should you accept a bid and hire them.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Have you been looking for a good siding company? If so, we suggest that you check out Horizon Roofing for more information with satisfaction guaranteed.