Many business owners don’t give the roof of their commercial building a second thought, until a problem occurs. Regardless of the nature of your business, a solid roof is crucial.

The roof essentially protects every aspect of your business, equipment, products, and workers among them. A routine roof inspection is needed to ensure your roof is in optimal condition.

If you’re considering whether or not your commercial building’s roof needs replacing, 5 signs that could be pointing towards roof replacement are highlighted here:

1.  Leaks

Water leaking down your walls or from your ceiling when it rains can be a clear indication that your roof requires attention. However, water leaks may not always be that easy to notice, especially in commercial buildings where the underside of the roof isn’t always that visible. In this case, you should watch for secondary signs of leaks, such signs of mold on the ceilings or water spots on the walls.

2.  Water Damage

Roof damage can lead to several issues that can compromise the floor, ceilings and walls of your commercial building. It’s wise to prioritize occasional trips to the roof and attic to assess any possible signs of water damage. Leaking roofs left unattended lead to water damage, causing water stains on the walls and the paints to peel off. Contact an industry professional when you notice these issues in your building.

3.  Worn Out Roofing Materials

Roofing materials are prone to wear and tear. Factors such as weather storms, extreme temperatures, and aging can contribute significantly to damaging those materials which make up your roof. So, you want to be sure to check your roof frequently in order to ensure all parts and materials are adequately secured to the roof. Issues such as bubbles, cracks, or blisters on the roof surface are red flags that can usually indicate leakage. These issues can worsen over time, and oftentimes lead to more severe problems.

4.  Sagging Roofs

Roofs are meant to handle lots of rainfall and should be designed in a way that supports water run off from the roofing system. However, if the water remains on the roof surface too long without directly descending the drain, it can cause the roof to start sagging. This issue should be addressed quickly to avoid water damage and expensive structure repair.

5.  Mold

When a roof is exposed to excess moisture, mold will start to grow in the damp areas. Mold can make the workplace smell unpleasant and is unhealthy for workers and customers, which is absolutely an issue any business owner would want to avoid. Pay attention and be aware of how your commercial area smells while you are there. If you notice a moldy smell, it could be a sign of roof damage that needs immediate attention.


Neglected roofs left unrepaired can cause potential harm to your employees which costs and affects your entire business. If you notice ANY of the above signs, contact an expert at Horizon Roofing & Construction for a free roof evaluation.

These professional crews are highly trained and skilled in all repair types as they pertain to commercial roofing systems. Call today at (734) 585-7160 and have a specialized crew with all the necessary knowledge, experience, equipment and materials to service your roof right.

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