It’s impossible to overstate how vital a fully functioning roof is. A home, however well furnished, is incomplete without a sound and reliable roof. However, did you know that roofs have a lifespan? Thus it’s only a matter of when, not if, you will need to repair or replace your roof as it succumbs to the ravages of time and nature’s elements.

The question is, how do you determine whether to repair, patch, or replace your roof? This quick read can help you identify the extent of your damage and determine whether your roof requires repairing, patching, or replacement to resolve it.

When to Patch or Repair Your Roof

Minor Roof Damage

Examples of damage that fall under this category include missing shingles, a hole in the roof, and worn-out segments. If you detect mold, it’s a sure sign of a leak, thus you may have to patch the hole and perhaps fix the flashing too. Conduct regular inspections to catch problems early. Otherwise, problems can quickly snowball into significant issues.

Moderate Roof Damage

Moderate damage occurs when a segment of the roof suffers heavy damage and needs a replacement, but otherwise the roof is fine or requires only minor repairs. In this case, you would only replace the heavily damaged areas and repair or patch up the rest.

Recently Replaced Roof 

If you’re experiencing issues with your newly-replaced roof, it wouldn’t make fiscal sense to replace it again so soon. You would be better off patching and repairing the damage, especially if under a warranty.

Tight Budget

Consider getting a roof repair or patch-up if you are on a tight budget. Sometimes patching and repairing can temporarily solve roofing problems at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. When the damage is too severe for repair, opt for a roofer with financing. 

When Your Roof Needs Replacing

Significant Hail and Wind Damage 

Hail storms and strong winds can cause extensive damage to your roof by hurling debris and ripping off roofing material. This can create large dents in your roof and weaken the beams, affecting the structural integrity. A repair job won’t fix such damage, only a replacement.

Expired Roof 

Every roof has a defined lifespan. You’ll likely start experiencing a recurring phase of repairs as it gets older. For this reason, it makes better financial sense to replace your rooftop in order to avoid surprise roof damage or collapse.

Extensive Damage

Extensive damage can result from a variety of causes, such as a strong storm with flying debris or the collapse of a huge tree, impacting its structural integrity. If 30% or more of your roof sustains damage, a professional roofer would advise replacement.

Building Code Requirements 

There are some neighborhoods that implement new building requirements, forcing you to shift from your current roof shingle style to the recommended one. Similarly, some new structural codes might be enacted that forbid the type of roof you have currently installed. Once the roof sustains damage, you must replace it to remain compliant.   

Cost of Repair

Repairing your roof can be time-saving and easier on your wallet. However, if the repair cost far outweighs the cost of replacement, or if you have to conduct constant repairs, it would be more economical to replace your roof instead.


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