Updating your roof is likely one of the most significant investments you’ll make in your house. It stands to reason that choosing the right roofing contractor has an importance far beyond simply choosing any company from the listings. The roofing contractor you hire will have a direct impact on your investment and you’ll want to do whatever you can to make sure the job is done right. You definitely don’t want to wind up having to navigate your way through another roof renovation any sooner than you planned.

Reliable roofers do more than install the most integral aspect of your home. They also offer insight about the various lifespans among roof types and which materials are best suited to withstand the tests of your unique environment. Choose the right roofing contractor the first time with these simple tips:

Interview Your Roofing Contractor Candidates

Prior to choosing a few companies to speak to, prepare yourself by developing a list of questions you’d like answered in order to make a fair evaluation. These should include:

  • What types of roofing do you install?
  • Are your company and your installation contractor both licensed in my area?
  • Will you work with my homeowner’s insurance regarding claims?
  • Are your company and your installation contractor both insured, and what does that insurance cover?
  • Do you have references?
  • Do you offer free inspections?
  • Will you provide me with a written quote?
  • What processes are used to keep projects on track and on time? How are delays handled?
  • How is billing handled?
  • How is building material disposal handled?

Get Referrals

Check with friends, family and coworkers for roofing contractors they trust. These references can be a wonderful resource for starting your own contractor search.

Your neighbors may also have utilized a roofing contractor to repair their homes. Find out if they were satisfied with the work and how it was done. Even if they can’t point you toward a reliable contractor, they may be able to tell you who to avoid, which also helps.

Do Your Research

Consumers have numerous options for researching a contractor’s trustworthiness and quality of work. Start by perusing the websites of your list of candidates to see who offers what services, read any reviews, and confirm their licensing information is listed.

You can also view their ratings on Google, as well as sites that aggregate reviews. Your local Chamber of Commerce may also have information. A look at the Better Business Bureau website is also suggested to review any complaints.

Meet with Your Prospective Roofing Contractors 

Once you’ve narrowed your choices, meet with the shortlist face-to-face. The demeanor of the people you speak to should tell you plenty about them. Are they enthusiastic? Do they have ready knowledge and seem confident in it? A reputable roofing contractor should be professional in both appearance and behavior, includes you in the decision-making process, and encourages asking questions. Remember to ask for referrals, then follow-up and confirm what’s provided to you.

Get it in Writing 

Never finalize a decision without getting everything in writing. A solid contract will cover schedule, payment details, and site clean-up plan, in addition to safety procedures, liability information, and workers’ compensation. If you’re confused with any aspect of the project, ask for clarity. Should a contractor not offer you reassurance on points that are important to you, such as if your driveway will be protected from building materials or if worker safety is a priority, continue your search for a dependable roofing company.


Looking for a fair, honest, and reliable roofing contractor can be stressful and time-consuming and may even seem impossible. Homeowners in or around Metro Detroit can start your search off right by contacting Northville’s #1 roofing company, Horizon Roofing and Construction. Get the job done right on time, the first time.

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