Commercial RoofingJune 14, 20210Welcome to Horizon Roofing and Construction

When we first started developing the website for my business, the gal I hired to do all the technical stuff that is well beyond my pay grade, suggested the idea of writing a blog to accompany the site. I had never read, let alone, written a blog. I was skeptical. But I more thought about it, the more I felt it might be a great way to convey my thoughts and beliefs about how I want to establish, develop and grow Horizon Roofing & Construction. To provide great service and great products to our customers and the environment we occupy. So if you have made it to this section of the website and this far into my blog, I personally Thank You.

To give you a little background on myself, I was born and raised in Redford, MI. I attended college in Arizona, after a couple of brief stops, I returned to MI. That is when I entered the construction industry, working for my father’s commercial electrical contracting company. I got into the home improvement industry when I was offered a job thru a friend to sell windows, never thinking sales would be my future. After testing the waters and finding I had a natural ability to interact with customers and explain the technical side in laymen’s terms, I was hooked. My window career didn’t last long, but immediately after leaving, I was offered a new position selling roofs, windows, and siding at a large, well-established home improvement company. I spent the next 10+ years fine-tuning my selling and teaching skills and also visiting my jobs during the installation to watch and learn the nuts and bolts or should I say “nails & shingles” of my industry from my installers. After much thought and discussion, I decided it was time to finally go off on my own and start my own company Horizon Roofing & Construction.

I have handpicked my installers from many years of viewing their work, watching how they conduct themselves, but more importantly how they deal with diversity. Not all jobs go according to plan or contract and I can’t stand when excuses are provided instead of solutions. I was once told by a very successful developer we worked with that problems arise on job sites and quitting isn’t an option, so move forward and solve the problem, No complaints, just solutions. Those words stuck with me and what I found working for a big company with little oversight is that there are far too many excuse-makers and not enough problem solvers. So my goal is to make sure that all the work we do is thorough and completed the right way, the first time. At Horizon R & C we believe that a licensed builder is much better than a licensed salesman to inspect your home and give you, the homeowner, an honest and trustworthy evaluation of the scope of work needed while also keeping in mind your needs and budgets.

I mean, if you want a sales associate fresh out off a weekend sales training seminar next to the airport who starts you out with an opening price of $22k and by the time they leave and after 5 “coupons”, has reduced the price of the project to $15k, then Horizon Isn’t for you. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been to those seminars and I know the game, but I’ve found that a straightforward no BS approach is the best way to gain the trust and respect of my customers and earn their business.

I’ve rambled on much longer than I originally thought. I hope this helps you understand a little about me and how I plan on developing and growing my business. Just because this is my new business doesn’t mean I’m new to the industry. Remember, someone had had to buy the first computer or make the first order on Amazon, so please consider Horizon Roofing & Construction for your next home improvement project. I thank you for viewing my website and reading my blog. I look forward to meeting with you when you’re in the market for any of our home improvement products or services.

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