How to Know When You Need Your Windows Replaced

Signs of window damage aren’t alway obvious, and sometimes when it comes to window repairs, timing can be crucial. Replacing your run-down windows can not only increase your comfort, lower your energy costs, and enhance the quality of life for your family, it increases the value of your home. Even the highest-quality windows have a...

3 Best Ways To Protect Your Gutters This Winter

Strong winds, heavy snow, and ice dams can really take a toll on your gutters in winter, which can lead you to spend extra money on repairs. When your gutter system isn’t holding up properly against the chilling winter, issues like mold, rot, and structural problems are likely to occur. So, it is important to do the necessary maintenance and improvements on your gutters so you can meet the rough winter with confidence.

Consider This Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

The roof plays a highly significant role in protecting everything it covers. Over time, when your roof gets worn down, it can lead to severe issues, such as water seeping through, mold growth, and further damage. These problems not only affect the structural integrity of the house, they can also harm the health of anyone spending time inside it.

Welcome to Horizon Roofing and Construction

When we first started developing the website for my business, the gal I hired to do all the technical stuff that is well beyond my pay grade, suggested the idea of writing a blog to accompany the site. I had never read, let alone, written a blog. I was skeptical. But I more thought about it, the more I felt it might be a great way to convey my thoughts and beliefs about how I want to establish, develop and grow Horizon Roofing & Construction. To provide great service and great products to our customers and the environment we occupy. So if you have made it to this section of the website and this far into my blog, I personally Thank You.