That time of year is upon us, when the mercury begins to plummet, the sun makes fewer appearances, and the skies threaten rain, snow, and ice. This means it’s time to start thinking about and taking steps to winterize your home, starting with your roof.

Your roof does more than keep you dry when it’s wet. It also plays an integral role in regulating your home’s temperature, which influences how much you’re spending on energy costs. Checking your windows and doors for drafts and changing your furnace filter are just the first steps in preparing your home for winter.  Others include:

Clear Tree Limbs 

Branches that arch over your home can look beautiful, but will paint a far uglier picture if they fall and damage your roof. Strong winds can blow them off the trees or the weight of heavy snow or ice can snap them, especially in cold weather. Any branches that interfere with or hang over your roofline should be cut back to avoid winter damage.

Clean Your Roof and Gutters 

You may solely associate algae with local lakes, but your roof, downspouts, and gutters can also play host. This algae can creep beneath the shingles and expand in cold weather, causing cracks and weakening your roof’s defenses, which ultimately leaves your home vulnerable to the harsh elements of winter.

Clogged gutters cannot properly drain water away from your roof, fascia, attic, or even the foundation. Ensure your gutters run freely by clearing any leaves or other debris that might be blocking them, and address any damaged areas that need repair.

Check Your Pipe Boots 

Summer heat can crack pipe boots around exhaust areas. Ensure they are sound and make repairs if needed to help prevent any winter freeze problems.

Check the Flashings 

Leaks and damage to flashings are often obvious. Damaged flashings can allow water into your home. If you see or suspect evident damage, seek a qualified professional for an opinion and arrange repairs right away.

Inspect Your Attic Insulation 

Attic insulation is your best defense against chilly nights and high energy bills. Have your attic insulation checked to confirm you have a thick enough layer. It’s also important to inspect the insulation for dampness or algae growth. If you find any damaged or insufficient insulation, replacing it is an easy way to winterize your home.

While in your attic, you can cross off a few more items on your winterizing roof checklist. Ensure all exhaust hoses are connected properly to the roof vents. If you have bird blocks, check them to make sure they’re not clogged. Be certain your insulation does not block any important places that might interfere with proper ventilation.

Make Roof Repairs

The time to make any necessary repairs is before the Michigan winter makes your roof a dangerous place, or before you find the cold is seeping into your home. Now is the time to call in roofing professionals to fix any problems you may have been postponing.

Have Your Roof Inspected by a Professional

If you haven’t had expert eyes on your roof lately, call in a roofing professional to inspect it. A knowledgeable specialist can point out problem areas you may have missed and make recommendations on the best way to keep your home dry and warm while safely, efficiently, and effectively functioning at its best.


Roof maintenance can oftentimes pay for itself through energy bill savings and frustration avoidance. Get ahead of winter’s worst. Before the cold snaps have your roof inspected by the reputable team of professionals at Horizon Roofing and Construction. The experts from Northville’s #1 roofing company have been helping people throughout Southeastern Michigan winterize their roofs for more than 25 years. Plus, for a limited-time, Horizon Roofing and Construction is offering $1,000 off all roofs!  Schedule your free roof evaluation today!

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