SidingFebruary 21, 20220Here’s How to Choose the Right Siding Company

More than just a matter of aesthetics, siding plays an important role in your home by protecting your walls and maintaining energy efficiency. While it may be tempting to forego the expense of siding, this decision could cost you more in the long run. Instead, let’s look at the numerous benefits of having high-quality siding installed.

Significant Siding

It is important to know the reasons for siding your house:

  • acts as a shield to protect the home from external damage
  • increases energy efficiency
  • increases curb appeal and value

What you should look for in the initial estimate is time the job will take, materials used, who subcontractors are, and what warranties they offer. You will also want to know if the siding company offers a warranty in addition to any offered by the manufacturer.

Look for companies that specialize in siding renovation or replacement, rather than new construction. Also, look for companies that have experience with your type of siding. There are many different types of siding materials, so it’s important to find a company that has done this type of work before.

It is also very helpful if the siding contractor has an office near you or can come out to see the job site in person. This way, you can get answers to questions immediately in person or over the phone.

With the recent changes in our economy, many homeowners are looking into ways to save money on home projects. Siding renovation or replacement is no exception; instead of spending $15-20 per square foot to replace all exterior siding with costly materials, try replacing only the damaged areas for much less than you would pay new. This can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your project and is definitely worth the time it takes to find the right company for the job.

Consult these tips:

  • Does the contractor have a permanent location? If so, go by and see it. Also, ask for references from customers who have used the company recently.
  • Is the contractor licensed, bonded, and insured? If not, walk away! Your home is at risk. Your contractor should give you a copy of their insurance certificate.
  • What is the warranty? Is it complete or just on materials? It’s best to use a contractor that offers at least one year of labor and 25 years on materials.
  • Do they replace all the siding with new, or do they use patching techniques? You want your home to look sharp and new once the project is completed.
  • Are they experienced in siding your type of house? For instance, certain siding materials perform better on brick homes than others.
  •  What kind of cleanup is provided after the job has been finished?

Using these six points as a guideline will help. If you are in the market for new siding, contact Horizon Roofing and Construction for quality services at affordable prices.


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