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Depending on the style of your house, your roof could make up to 40% of the visible exterior. Choosing the right roof shingle type for your home is essential because it not only minimizes your maintenance costs but also impacts your home’s value and aesthetic.

This quick read examines the best roof shingle types the marketplace has to offer and provides valuable information worth consideration during the selection process.

Asphalt Shingle Types

1. Landmark

The Landmark series is one the best types of roof shingle available when you need reliable roofing solutions. These asphalt shingles are visually pleasing and sturdy.

Landmark asphalt shingles come in various colors and dual-layered designs that resemble the dimensionality of natural wood shake, allowing you to choose the perfect compliment to your house style.

All Landmark shingles contain the industry-leading CertainTeed’s exclusive, lifetime limited warranty, backed by the company’s 100+-year history of unrivaled manufacturing excellence. Here is a comprehensive look at what it offers:

  • Class A fire-resistance rating
  • Dual-layer design offers more resistance to elements  
  • Matches the industry’s most stringent (UL) manufacturing quality requirements
  • 10 years StreakFighter algae resistance warranty

2. Landmark PRO

Landmark PRO asphalt roof shingle types are an upgrade to the already impressive Landmark roof shingle types. This line features a wide range of vibrant Max Def color options that can bump up your home’s value and aesthetic appeal when you’re on a budget. Here is a look at what you can expect from Landmark Pro:

  • Class A fire-resistance rating
  • StreakFighter 15-year algae-resistance warranty
  • Certified roof shingle types fulfilling the most stringent industry-wide (UL) manufacturing quality standards

These shingles also feature two laminated layers resembling true wood shake’s dimensional look. Landmark PRO shingles come with CertainTeed’s unmatched lifetime limited warranty.

3. NorthGate

NorthGate roof shingles feature ClimateFlex design, worthy of consideration if you’re searching for durability in addition to and visual appeal in a roofing material. Made of polymer-modified asphalt, this roof shingle type offers the gorgeous value and gives the dimensional appearance of wood shake roofing.

Compared to regular asphalt shingles, NorthGate ClimateFlex designer shingles are robust, polymer-infused asphalt, offering better hail resistance and better surface granule adhesion. This means year-round protection against the elements, ensuring your home’s safety, whatever the climate.

Unlike standard shingles, NorthGate ClimateFlex are flexible even in low temperatures, thanks to the rubberizing features of the ClimateFlex technology. Blending asphalt roof shingle types with rubberizing polymers makes it easier to install in colder weather and forms a hard-wearing, weather-resistant end product.

NorthGate ClimateFlex designer shingles offer:

  • Shrink resistance
  • Improved granule adhesion
  • Highest impact resistance (Class 4)
  • Improved weatherproofing
  • Greater crack resistance
  • Improved flexibility in the cold

4. Presidential Shake

If you’re looking for a premium type of roof shingle, look no further than the Presidential Shake TL shingles. These offer an exceptional blend of luxury, protection, and durability. 

Presidential Shake TL shingles resemble the natural beauty and depth of cedar shake. The go-to shingles if you want the high-end appearance of cedar shakes without the expense and maintenance of a cedar shingle roof.

As is true with all roof shingles from Horizon Roofing & Construction, these offer a lifetime limited warranty. You should expect the following from the Presidential Shake TL roof shingle:

  • Elegance at a fraction of the price of authentic cedar wood shakes
  • Three layers of material make it the industry’s thickest, most durable, and heaviest shingle
  • A wide array of colors
  • Sculpted tabs mimic the classic elegance of cedar wood shakes while offering the durability of modern materials


When you’re in the market for roof shingles, Horizon Roofing & Construction is a winning bet. Stocking exclusively CertainTeed products, one of the industry’s best manufacturers of shingles, this reputable and reliable team of qualified and experienced contractors is pleased to offer free roof evaluations. Request yours, risk-free, today! 

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