Signs of window damage aren’t alway obvious, and sometimes when it comes to window repairs, timing can be crucial. Replacing your run-down windows can not only increase your comfort, lower your energy costs, and enhance the quality of life for your family, it increases the value of your home.

Even the highest-quality windows have a limited lifespan. Several factors, such as maintenance history, material composition, and weathering are all undoubtedly impactful contributors in determining its longevity. But how can you tell?  When do you know it’s time to change your windows?

5 Signs You Need New Windows

1. Visible Damage

A window is more likely to sustain minor damage before breaking completely. Unfortunately, this also makes it simpler for burglars to enter your house, and long term, exposes your home to severe and harmful infestations, water seepage, and mold and mildew growth.

2. High Energy Bills

Outdated or faulty windows can cause higher energy bills in your home. Minor damage and deformations begin to appear between the frames. As more heat escapes your home, more of your central heating and air conditioning is used to compensate for it.

3. Visible Condensation

You could perhaps notice “sweat” on your windows, especially on colder days. The presence of condensation inside your windows typically indicates that your windows are leaking air or that your house is humid.

It’s not a problem to find condensation outside your windows however, it simply means that the outside air is warmer and more humid than the inside air.

4. Noise Pollution

Can you constantly hear dog barks, car horns, and other traffic noise levels inside your house? Updating to a more modern window reduces sound transfer which can significantly improve your quality of life if you live near a busy neighborhood.

When the window is closed and you’re inside, you shouldn’t be able to hear noise from outside. This is probably a sign that your window is out-of-date, and getting a new one would be the step to take toward a more peaceful environment indoors.

5. Decay, Malfunction, and Water Damage

It’s normal for windows to acquire some damage from aging and severe weather, and perhaps even stand enough harm to where window repairs aren’t significantly time sensitive, but when it comes to the mechanics, if your window isn’t opening or closing the way it used to, something more serious is likely going on and needs addressing.


Making a decision on a long-term investment like purchasing new windows is important, and likely one that can be heavily influenced by price, so it’s important to keep in mind the adage
“you get what you pay for”, since as you may already note, sometimes the least expensive choice isn’t the best choice, and that can be particularly true when it comes to new windows.

Secure your home and family and help control your energy costs.  Let Horizon Roofing and Construction replace your drafty windows with your own custom select style, at the best prices, and help bring you peace of mind. Learn more about our superior window repair and installation services in or around Northville or contact us for an evaluation today!

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